The kitchen is a place of good tastes and good emotions. A sphere of family meetings, full of warmth and memories. The kitchen is called the heart of the home. You can make this space unique. Welcome to the world of exclusive Akan furniture – where professionalism meets sublime creation and passion is the driving force in the creation process.


Akan is a company with tradition. Since 1989 we have been continuously fulfilling dreams of beautiful interiors, stylish kitchens and exclusive libraries. Each realisation is a challenge for us and we treat each project individually. Based on years of experience, we are able to create timeless and unique interiors using the latest technical solutions. Create your stylish kitchen with soul.


For lovers of rich ornamentation and decorative splendour, we recommend furniture inspired by the elegance of Victorian England. The Royal line is a nod to immortal classics. Rich ornamentation and impressive finishes create Victorian kitchens, tailored to meet even the most sophisticated expectations. On the contrary, for those who appreciate minimalism, we have prepared the Classic line. Classic English kitchens, offering economy of form combined with the discreet charm of solid wood, emphasise the special character of the interior. The dominant white gives the interior a spacious feel. The third line, country, is inspired by Provence. It is a proposal for those who dream of an idyllic atmosphere of country manor houses. French idyll with a pinch of folklore gives an amazing design effect. Country-style furniture is characterised by hand-painted folk art elements, which are an unconventional finishing touch to the line. The overall look is one of style and elegance, while retaining the traditional warmth and charming atmosphere of country estates, fragrant with blooming lavender.


Design is not everything. We believe that quality is the recipe for success. Hence, exclusive kitchen furniture and stylish libraries are made from the highest quality solid woods, from traditional to exotic species. In the production process we use the best Italian and English paints. The quality of the raw material is complemented by the precision of workmanship. It is the craftsmanship of our designers and artisans that makes our handcrafted compositions characterised by intricate technique and finesse. We take special care with the details. These sculptural gems make Akan furniture an exclusive part of everyday life.


We believe that passion is contagious. Hence, Akan’s customers have the opportunity to participate in the production process, following step by step the stages of creating kitchen masterpieces. We keep in mind that each realisation requires constant care – from getting to know your expectations, through the execution of the design, to the production and assembly of the finished furniture. The recognition of the most demanding Contractors from home and abroad, including native inhabitants of the UK, Scandinavia, France, Germany and Switzerland, is our greatest recommendation.


For Akan, interior design is an art. The art of composing harmony, beauty and timeless style. With our furniture, your kitchen will exude not only the promise of great taste, but also a delicate breeze of arranging luxury.


Akan has been present on the European market for more than 30 years. Since the beginning our main focus has been to create highest quality furniture tailored to even most demanding customers’ requirements.

Our style is inspired by the climate of interiors from Victorian England and traditional country residences. Each piece of our furniture is built from solid wood of traditional sources (oak, beech, pine, ash, maple) or those of exotic origin.

Different in styles they bring spirit of English nobility or emanate with warm country climate. On the other hand we are no strangers to Scandinavian minimalism.


To achieve a unique and timeless character of your kitchen, our interior designers will think about every detail, and our highly skilled craftsmen will realise even most complex project.

We skilfully blend traditional design and latest technology. Well equipped with interior systems of leading European manufacturers, our kitchens are not only beautiful, but also functional.

We are sure our final product will meet even most sophisticated of your expectations.

The furniture details are hand carved by our artist. Real works of art are created in his hands.


We use traditional furniture finishing methods, to create a unique look.

Country Style furniture is accented with hand painted floral patterns, elements from folk art. The delicate and artistic paintwork adds a homey feel to the furniture.


We make bespoke furniture for customers from all over Europe. Our furniture decorates homes in Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France, Great Britain and of course Poland.


And now, please see furniture made by us.


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