AKAN specializes in the design and manufacture of stylish high-quality library furniture. We arrange multi-meter areas as well as undertake the realization of individual shelving. The exclusive library inspired by the interiors of Victorian England, the atmosphere of the countryside or Scandinavian minimalism will reflect the individual character of each interior.


Architects working together will breathe life into every empty space by designing a timeless arrangement, while craftsmen will perform even the most complicated project with surgical precision. Familiarity with art history, handmade details and traditional finishes guarantee that we will create a stylish library for you.


We are well aware that large collections, valuable and favorite books deserve the right exposure and decoration – that is why our furniture is the perfect complement to the history of their cards. We also know that in the comfort of such an arranged space it will be easy to give a dream while reading your favorite novel or to focus on exploring your already existing knowledge.

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