Interior design with Country Line furniture is as exciting as the journey along the charming lavender fields and olive groves. This style is unusual in its airy elegance. Provence, captivating not only with the views, but also with delicious and aromatic food, can become the hallmark of your kitchen arrangement. Country line furniture is an atmospheric reference to countryside and tasteful verandas. It’s a style and elegance, with a warm of heart and home. The Polish producer took care that the folklore idyll went hand in hand with craftsmanship precision. Furniture is handmade. The use of high quality wood and patina emphasizes the beauty of both the objects themselves and the whole interior. The magic of precise details and manual painting enrich the space by adding a distinctive factor to the glamorous interior arrangement. Country Line kitchen is a charming composition for connoisseurs, where massive and stable simplicity goes hand in hand with the breeze of country fashion.


Country Kitchen - gallery

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