Akan has been present on the European market for more than 20 years. Since the beginning our main focus
has been to create highest quality furniture tailored to even most demanding customers’ requirements.
Our style is inspired by the climate of interiors from Victorian England and traditional country residences.

Each piece of our furniture is built from solid wood of traditional sources (oak, beech, pine, ash, maple) or those of exotic origin.
Different in styles they bring spirit of English nobility or emanate with warm country climate. On the other hand we are no strangers to Scandinavian minimalism.

Royal Line Kitchen


Inspired by the splendor of the mansion and atmosphere of English home, most exclusive kitchen from the Royal line. The warmth, ambience and everlasting beauty of the classical form. Real works of art combining the traditions of artistic carpentry with the functionality of modern furniture.

Classic Line Kitchen


Simplicity of classical forms. A pattern of harmony, beauty and perfection. Regularity of shapes, symmetry, subdued ornamentation. Classic line – the essence of elegance.

Country Line Kitchen

Akan Hands Made Furniture Inowrocław Meble kuchnie country line

The breathtaking countryside and southeastern France. This line is dedicated to people who value a free, lightweight style. Original design, unique ambience and aroma of fresh herbs will make cooking a passion.



Great book collections, valuable and favorite books deserve the right exposure and decoration – that is why our furniture is the perfect complement to the history on their cards.

Dressing Rooms


The room, which – not so long ago – was a privilege of the few, is now becoming a vital part of every project. The right dressing room concept is not only an art in itself, but also an art of good organization.



Invite the best quality noble wood to each of your rooms. Warm up a cool interior with a natural texture, which together with the ceramics will give an amazing arrangement effect.


White bedroom made by AKAN Hande Made Furniture

The most intimate space of your home requires a unique setting. AKAN bedroom line furniture is a dream come true with a charming, cozy and stylish interior.

Other Furniture


Rest, taste and celebrate your life surrounded by everyday luxury. With appreciation to the classics, respect to tradition and admiration to craftsmanship. AKAN furniture is not only stylish furniture with soul. It’s an idea for an individual arrangement of every room in your home.

Interior Doors

białe drzwi wall white panells

Although they may be seen only as a detail, they invite you to explore the interior. Whether your door will make a good first impression is decided by the material and craftsmanship. Both these elements need to be of highest quality.

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We believe that passion is contagious. That’s why Akan’s customers have the opportunity to participate step by step in the production process. We remember that every realization requires constant care – from knowing the expectations, through the design, to the production and assembly of ready-made furniture. Recognition of the most demanding contractors from the country and abroad, including the native inhabitants of Great Britain, Scandinavia, France, Germany and Switzerland, is the most recommended for us.

For Akan, interior design is an art. Art of harmony, beauty and timeless style. With our furniture, your kitchen will not only float promises of great taste, but also a gentle breeze of arranging luxury.

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